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Where Did "Skakawack" Come From?

We are asked this question all the time. Where did "Skakawack" come from?  Is it because you guys are just "wacky"?  Well we might be...but Skakawack, pronounced (Skak - uh - wack), has an interesting beginning.

One of the founders came to the US from Serbia when he was a young boy. While he was trying to learn English, he and a friend would try to guess what the English words were for things around them.  This would usually entail taking the Serbian word and making it "sound" like what they thought was American.

In 2005, the 2 founders were searching for a unique name for their eBay business. As they were searching for a mascot or image to be associated with the name, they came across a photo of a grasshopper.  This sparked the story of the friends "Americanizing" words.  He was explaining that the Serbian word for grasshopper is скакавац (skakavac), so the young boys had decided that in English it might be "skakawack". 

The founders thought "Skakawack" would make a unique name, and from there, our grasshopper mascot, the Happy Hopper, was designed.

Since that time, Skakawack has expanded to Amazon and our own website. We do our best to help people find what they are looking for and create Happy Customers!!!