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Skakawack is a small family-run company based in Phoenix, Arizona. It has been our passion since 2005 to help people find the right accessories for their devices. You might think all wall mounts that have your TV size listed in the range on the box will work with your TV or all microSD cards will work in all phones, but this certainly isn't always the case. We get emails all the time saying something like: "I've already purchase 3 similar items and they haven't worked out. Are you SURE this one will?". That leads to our guarantee......

Our Guarantee

We have spent years gathering information from product and device manufacturers. We manually measure or test, when we can, and have developed software to determine product compatibility automatically based on the information we have gathered. If you use our drop down boxes (brand/model) to find accessories for your device and have any issue, rest assured that we will be here to help. We will never leave you with something that will not work and we will never expect you to incur any cost for our mistake.

Our History

Skakawack first started selling online in 2005 and decided to incorporate in 2007.  We began selling through our our own store and eBay. We have since expanded to sell on both Amazon and Walmart marketplaces.  We sell a variety of electronic accessories: wall mounts for monitors, digital signage and TVs; flash memory devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, GPS units and tablets; and a variety of other accessories to include cables, bluetooth headsets and cell phone cases. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to find the right accessory for your specific device or display.  We do the research so you don't have to!  All you have to do is search by your brand and model number, we'll show you all compatible products, and then you pick the one that suits you best.  It's fast, easy, and fun.  Head on over to our home page to try it out! 

At Skakawack, we are devoted to providing our customers with a great buying experience.   If you have any questions, comments or complaints we would love to hear about them!  Feel free to contact us at, and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest for product tips, tricks, and promotions.  We look forward to seeing you over there!

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