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Sunpak 5" Flex Leg Mini Spider Tripod

Sunpak 5" Flex Leg Mini Spider Tripod

$4.99 $12.99
The Sunpak 620-786 tripod is a compact, small-size camera tripod. It is only about 5 inches long and weighs less than 2 oz. The Sunpak tripod is designed to hold 35mm cameras, digital cameras, APS cameras, PC cameras, mini flashes, web cams, and GoPro's. Each leg on the Sunpak tripod is completely flexible and can be adjusted individually, enabling the photographer to take any type of angled shot. The legs are ribbed to provide extra stability, and can bend, wrap, or grip almost anything. This convenient device is made to be lightweight and portable. The Sunpak tripod can fit easily into any bag, backpack, or purse - ideal for photographers who are always on the go...or for attaching your GoPro to your dog's tail!

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